Facebook Gives Android Users An Option Not Permanently To Share Location

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Facebook gives Android Users an option not Permanently to share Location. Facebook now offers users on Android phones the opportunity to share their location only when they use the app, the company announces Wednesday.


Android users can modify the background location option in the Facebook app to ensure that Facebook can only query the location when the app is in use.

Previously, Facebook only had the opportunity to always or never collect the location.

Android does not offer an option to determine per app that the location data can only be obtained,

 when the app is in use, something iOS offers for iPhones.

Users who disable location history assure that Facebook only collects the location when the app is in use.

If Location History is enabled, users will also share their location if they do not use the app.

In that case, Facebook also saves the location data that users send to the company.

Facebook users on Android obtain a notification in the app to check their background location settings.

They can also do this manually by going to ‘Settings and privacy’ in the Facebook app.

The function can be found by going to ‘Manage your location settings’ via ‘Privacy shortcuts’.

The Facebook location update maintains the settings that users previously set for their background location.

Location history will continue off for users who have already turned off the setting and on for users who have chosen it.

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