Sony Wants 16,800 Dollars Of A Man Who Sold PlayStation 4

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Sony Wants 16,800 Dollars of a Man who sold PlayStation 4 with illegal Games. Sony is claiming a compensation of 16,800 dollars from an American suspected of selling PlayStation 4 gaming consoles on which illegal games could be played.


It is a compensation for the alleged sale of two game consoles, for which Sony charges 800 dollars each,

 and 200 dollars for every illegally downloaded and installed game.

According to Sony, the man used an opportunity to bypass the built-in protection against pirated games on PlayStations 4.

He would then have sold the game consoles with dozens of games at the eBay online marketplace.

In October, Sony filed a lawsuit against the man, who afterwards did not react to the charges.

That is why the Japanese entertainment company asks the court to issue a default judgment,

 in which the claim for damages is awarded.

In addition to the claim of 16,800 dollars based on copyright infringement,

 Sony also demands compensation of 3,458 dollars for litigation and legal costs.

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