Republicans Launch Legal Offensive Over Nevada Vote

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The United States Department of Justice is investigating allegations by President Donald Trump’s campaign team about alleged voting fraud in the western state of Nevada.


Lawyers for the presidential campaign team said it would be postal votes from voters who no longer reside in the state.

A Justice Department official said the ministry would investigate the allegations. It is the first sign that Trump’s Attorney General William Barr may be interfering with the election process.

The Democrats firmly deny that there is voter fraud in the state of Nevada (6 electors), where their captain Joe Biden has a lead of about 11,000 votes (0.9 percent) over President Trump in Friday morning’s standings.

Following the Trump campaign, two Republican parliamentary candidates have also decided to take legal action over alleged Nevada voting fraud.

They have charged the senior election officer of the largest district in the state and the Nevada Secretary of the Interior for claiming more than 3,000 votes were wrongly cast. The charge was filed in a federal court in Las Vegas.

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