YouTube Eases Policy On Violating The Code Of Conduct

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YouTube Eases policy on Violating the code of Conduct. Users who violate the YouTube rules will no longer be penalised for the first offence. YouTube eases the penalties for misconduct on the platform from Tuesday.


At the very first offence, the content that led to the violation is removed by YouTube, but users will only receive a warning from now on.

After the first warning, all subsequent violations lead to a strike, which is in the name of the use.

A channel is removed for three strikes in ninety days. A strike expires after ninety days.

The first warning is not included in that system: it is only sent once and does not expire.

Previously, YouTube promptly gave a strike and a live stream ban on the first offence.

The first strike now indicates a ban on live broadcasts and an upload ban of a week.

With a second strike, a two-week ban will follow.

YouTube wants to be more transparent
YouTube makes the punishments more even to avoid confusion.

According to the company, some YouTubers did not understand why, for example,

 they were given a live stream ban for a violation that had nothing to do with live streams.

YouTube ensures to be more explicit in the future about why a user is being punished.

In the past, many YouTubers complained that the company was not transparent about this and that users did not have an opportunity to solve problems.

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