Trump Claims Pennsylvania Election Victory By the Judge

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President Donald Trump’s campaign team on Wednesday demanded that Trump be declared the winner in the state of Pennsylvania.


Team Trump believes that the state parliament, where Republicans hold the majority, should select the electors to elect the eventual president.

In the documents submitted, the Trump campaign asks the federal judge to declare election results in Pennsylvania “imperfect” and order the state parliament to select electors.

The request is part of a series of adjustments by the Trump campaign to the Pennsylvania lawsuit.

Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden won the election with an expected number of 306 electors, against Trump’s 232. Whoever has 270 or more electors is the winner.

If Trump manages to turn the outcome in Pennsylvania (20 electors) in his favour, he will have to do the same in two more states to get that number of electors.

Whether Trump can do that in Pennsylvania at all is very much the question. Joe Biden won with about 82,000 votes.

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