6 Things to do at Full Moon Party

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It all started with a bunch of tourists arranging a party, to celebrate the full moon, at Haadrin beach. Now it has become an exotic attraction for backpacking Thailand and party lovers from all over the world. Official website of the event states that around 10,000 to 30,000 people dance to the grooves, every month at full moon party. The music played here is diverse. Trance, techno, and base, all sorts of music are played here to spasm your whole body.

We are discussing here a few things to do at the full moon party if you want your time to be worthy of remembrance.

Get totally drunk
The most important thing to do at the full moon party is to let yourself loose. If you are not an alcoholic, but you are going to the party, then you should go on and grab a couple of drinks or maybe more than that. Just go with the flow. You’ll see a lot of people getting drunk there, enjoying the best time of their lives. So should you. Drink to your fullest and enjoy up to maximum possible levels.

Dance like wild animals
Going to a party and not dancing of annoying. Same is the case with a full moon party. It is highly unlikely for one to a there and not dance. But it is essential that you do so by leaps and bounds. Shake your body with the exotic music being played there.

Wear neon clothes and jewellery
We don’t see people wearing neon clothes in their schools or offices. It is these sort of events where you get to dress yourself up fully neon. Wear neon tops, eyewear and other jewellery at the full moon party and shine like a crazy diamond.

Paint your body with neon paint
Neon paint is much fun to paint your body with. It glows in the dark and looks beautiful. When you reach full moon party, make sure you have neon paint in excess because you’re going to need it in excess. Put various writings and shapes on your body and stand out from the crowd.

Fall in love
Another must do a thing at the full moon party is to fall in love. Fall in love with the loud music, vibrant colours, sandy beaches, shining moon and lovely people around you. You’ll see scores of people coming from all over the world. So this could be an excellent place to find the right one.

Enjoy local food
Beside loud music, dance and beautiful beach, there is another thing worth your attention. It is local food which is sold at stalls in the full moon party. You will find long rows of stalls where locals sell delicious food items to fill your appetite.

Every moment is a new experience here. Going tipsy, wearing neon clothes and dancing to loud music under the beautiful stars of Koh Phangan is an experience worthy of all the travel you’ll have to make from your town. Just book your air ticket now and board a plane. Full moon party is waiting for you.

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