Share Facebook Down By More Than 19 Percent

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Share Facebook down by More than 19 percent After Disappointing Figures. The Facebook share fell by 19 percent on Thursday after the company presented disappointing quarterly earnings on Wednesday.


For more than 76 billion pounds in market value evaporated due to the sharp fall of one of the most arguably essential stocks in the world.

Investors seemed to fear a link between the privacy scandal surrounding the social media company and the disappointing figures.

Topman Mark Zuckerberg saw his paper assets drop by 11 billion pounds. Also means that all growth of its assets for this year has disappeared.

Zuckerberg now accounts for about 54 billion pounds and lost its place in the top of the wealthiest business people.

Worldwide the number of Facebook users increased, but less quickly than expected, the group announced earlier.

Last quarter there were 1.47 billion daily active users and 2.23 billion monthly active accounts. The number of users increased by 1.44 percent and 1.44 percent respectively.

Turnover was also slightly lower than expected. Facebook posted a turnover of 9 billion pounds last quarter.

Which was a growth compared to a year earlier when sales of 7 billion pounds were reported.

Revenue within the company grew by 31 percent, to 3 billion pounds.

The company’s advertising branch made most of the profit.

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