United Kingdom Struggles With Rapid Test Rush

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The British authorities are struggling to keep up with the demand for rapid tests. Citizens can request these via a government site. However, according to Sky News, the UKHSA health service warns that they may be temporarily unavailable there due to “exceptionally high demand”.


The British authorities are providing rapid tests on a large scale to the population in the hope of detecting more infections in time. The tests can be ordered online and then delivered to your home. They can also be picked up at particular collection points in libraries. Britons can also go to the pharmacy for rapid tests.

The country has recently reported record numbers of corona infections, which is also increasing pressure on testing capacity. Residents of parts of England were temporarily unable to order rapid tests online earlier this month. According to Sky News, this was because people massively tried to get extra test packages before Christmas.

UKHSA, the UK Health Security Agency, has indicated that people could face problems again. A spokesperson advises Brits to try again after a few hours if there are problems on the order site. “And to make sure they use whatever tests they have left at home before ordering or picking up new ones.”

Pharmacies say demand for the tests has increased. This would be due to changes to the corona rules. People should isolate themselves if they are infected or have an infected roommate. Those who have contracted the coronavirus can now end self-isolation after a week if they test negative on days six and seven.

About 900,000 rapid tests can be delivered per day, but that seems to be insufficient. In pharmacies, someone asks for a rapid test about every five minutes, the top woman of the Association Of Independent Multiple Pharmacies told the BBC. She called it “very stressful” for employees and customers that they are not always available due to supply problems.

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