Fortnite was Down for 7 Hours Due to Server Problems

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The still wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite from Epic Games was down for more than 7 hours on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, the server issues have been resolved.


Loyal players will agree: Fortnite has been dealing with regularly recurring server problems for the past two weeks. With last night’s 7-hour breakdown as the low point. The problems started on Wednesday evening around 4 p.m. UK time.

The game’s servers remained offline “due to stability issues,” according to Fortnite’s Twitter account. There were also reports worldwide of problems logging into the Epic Games Store.

After more than 7 hours, Epic Games announced that the issues had been resolved. Fortnite seems to have been struggling with capacity or scaling issues since Chapter 3 kicked off this month. Additionally, there is currently a Winterfest event where players will be rewarded for their time in the game and completing additional quests.

Think of new skins or other extra bonus items. Earlier this month, Epic had to admit that it was having trouble handing out these extra gifts, and there were regular – albeit brief – interruptions and downtime to the game.

Epic also tweeted yesterday that the company will provide details “on how to make up for lost time” to appease players” next week.

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