“Tesla sells more Individual Solar Cells”

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“Tesla Sells more individual solar Cells than the company mounts on Roofs.” Most of the solar cells that Tesla makes and purchases are sold abroad and are therefore not used for unique solar roofs as initially intended,


 according to reports on Wednesday based on internal documents from Elon Musk’s company.

It would indicate Tesla’s problems on the solar panel market.

According to an unknown initiator, Tesla only buys sporadic solar cells for placement on roofs.

Since the end of February, only slightly more than 21 so-called Solar Roof systems are connected.

In 2016, the company bought the solar panel manufacturer SolarCity for 2.6 billion dollars.

Tesla did that together with Panasonic.

Both companies would produce cells and modules.

As a result of this, Musk’s company entered into a contract with Panasonic to continue to buy Panasonic cells for a long time.

The role of Tesla in the acquisition of SolarCity was uncertain,

 because Tesla CEO Musk was chairman of the board of the solar panel manufacturer before the acquisition.

Musk’s cousin was also a top man at SolarCity.

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