“Ryanair Must Give Travellers Compensation”

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“Ryanair Must give Travellers Compensation for a pilot Strike.” Ryanair has been sentenced to a claim for damages for 1,250 victims who could not fly due to the airline strike.


For that reason, the company is also hanging over the claims of 110,000 other travellers, claims organisation Aviclaim said Monday.

In total, the latter would amount to 35 million euros, says Aviclaim.

The decision of the court in Eindhoven concerns the passengers of 203 cancelled flights.

The 1,250 travellers who went to court receive an average of 318 euros per person, the claim organisation says.

It comes to a total amount of almost 400,000 euros.

Ryanair defended itself in the court case by stating that there was force majeure so that compensation would not be needed.

According to the judge, however, the airline did influence the strikes, and they were not inevitable.

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