Huge Baby Belly: Amber Rose is So Pregnant!

Huge Baby Belly: Amber Rose is So Pregnant! What an XXL baby belly! Amber Rose (35) had astonished her fans with this news and at the same time provided for cheers: the model became a mom for the second time.

The Celebrity Insider reported Amber Rose Goes Brunette by presenting around the centre of her body during her pregnancy outing. It continues to grow and is often shrouded in casual looks by Amber.

Also, at lunch with her sweetheart A.E., she proved again: She is a casual expectant mother!

Paparazzi spotted Amber and Alexander Edwards, as the real-name rapper is called, in front of a Mexican restaurant on Tuesday, Daily Mail reports.


On the recordings, not only is the musician on the move – but his girlfriend also opted for a comfortable outfit.

In grey leggings and the matching top, which snuggled close to her stomach, the 35-year-old released the view of her round baby ball!

The excellent mood came with the couple, which should be together for about nine months, according to the British newspaper, not too short: With a big grin, the two strolled into the restaurant.

Meanwhile, not only the anticipation of the food for a smile on the face of Amber and A.E. take care: Your child should already be born in October.

Whether son Sebastian, who comes from the marriage with Wiz Khalifa (31), but can look forward to a brother or sister, is not yet known.

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