President Vladimir Putin is Going to Conference on Conflicts in Libya

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President Vladimir Putin is going to the international conference on the conflicts in Libya on Sunday. The Kremlin reported that he is participating in the conference in Berlin, which should lead to a peace settlement.


It was not confident whether Putin himself would come. The Kremlin reported that Putin had received a letter from Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar. Last Monday an unsuccessful attempt was made in Russia to bring the warring parties to a file.

Haftar wrote to his “good friend” Putin that he would like to continue the dialogue that started Monday and is prepared to come to Moscow again for that.

But the parties involved are already talking to each other in Berlin on Sunday, along with a series of countries that are included in the fight. These are in particular Turkey, Egypt, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, Great Britain and the US.

China, the UN and the EU have also been invited. President Erdogan is from Ankara and Washington is sending Foreign Minister Pompeo.

On behalf of the European Union, Council President Charles Michel, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and foreign chief Josep Borrell are present in Berlin. They want to play a “powerful and active” role in contributing to a political solution to the conflict.

If the conference yields positive results, the European Commission is ready to take the plunge to ensure “full implementation”.

Michel and Putin spoke by phone on Thursday. “The presidents are hopeful that all parties will agree a cease-fire and relaunch the political process,” a statement said.

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