Do Russians want to Live in a Country without Truth?

Relatives of MH17 victims get an open letter to the Russian authorities and state media. According to the eWorldNews, they have done everything to sow doubt and obscure the truth about the air disaster. If the Russians want to live in a country where the truth no longer exists, they ask themselves.


The letter is on the website of the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta. He has been signed by a dozen surviving relatives from Australia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

They write that after almost four years they are still struggling with the sudden and brutal loss of their loved ones and the questions that have not yet been answered.

Russian people not guilty
“We do not blame the Russian people for what happened,” the letter writers say. “We are not against you, and we hold the Russian state and its leaders responsible for the death of our family members.”

The letter refers to the theories that circulated in Russian state media. The MH17 would have been shot down by a Ukrainian plane; the plane of the Russian president would be the real target; the Boeing would have been full of corpses and deliberately crashed.

Then the next of kin ask themselves whether the Russians want to live in a country where the truth no longer exists.

Tomorrow more clarity
On July 17 it is four years ago that flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine with an anti-aircraft missile. All 298 occupants were killed, including 196 Dutch.

Tomorrow comes the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that investigates the crash with an interim report. The JIT is looking for evidence to open a criminal case.

The NOS broadcasts the press conference directly at 10.55 am on NPO 1.

The writers appeal to the Russian authorities to cooperate in the international investigation into the air disaster so that the people responsible can be tried.

The relatives also refer to the World Cup in Russia, which starts on 14 June. Everyone should proudly fulfil that, they write. At the same time, they call it dark and ironic that the Russian leaders who receive the world with open arms are the same people who do their utmost to cover up the truth.

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