Turkish Officer Gets Final Asylum in Greece

Turkish Officer Gets Final Asylum in Greece. One of the eight Turkish officers who had fled to Greece after the failed coup in 2016 was finally granted asylum. That has determined the highest Greek administrative judge, Greek media reports.


The ruling is probably a harbinger for the course of the proceedings against the seven other officers. The Greek court previously blocked delivery of the eight officers.

Turkish President Erdogan has repeatedly asked for the extradition of the eight men who, according to Ankara, were involved in the attempt to overthrow his government. In Turkey, the military has already been found guilty of high treason, says iStorify.

Difficult relationship
The stay of the military in Greece puts the already difficult diplomatic relations between Turkey and Greece under pressure. Greece, therefore, is in its stomach with the officers and wanted to hand over the men. But the Greek Court went for that: the judge considers it plausible that the men in Turkey await an unfair trial and are tortured.

Turkey has two Greek soldiers in custody. Erdogan wants to exchange them with the eight dissidents, who themselves say that they have nothing to do with the coup.

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