UK: Criticism of Contradicting Statements on the Mask Requirement

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Corona infections are increasing in Great Britain, but London is sticking to its easing plans. There is now also confusion on the subject of masks. Some call for “personal responsibility”, others want to get rid of it quickly.


The British government has come under increasing criticism for contradicting messages about wearing masks after the planned end of all corona measures. “I think it’s pretty confusing for people what the right thing to do now,” Warwick University Infectious Disease Expert Mike Tildesley told BBC television on Monday. He hoped enough people weighed the risks themselves not to be a massive increase in infections.

The immunologist Peter Openshaw from Imperial College London criticized the planned lifting of the mask requirement on the BBC 4 radio station. It is not right to leave the decision to the people, said the doctor. The seven-day incidence in the UK is currently 322, despite a fully vaccinated vaccination rate of 51 percent. This is because 68 percent of the British have already received the first vaccination.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to announce that all Corona measures in England – including the mask requirement – can be lifted on July 19, as expected. However, he is expected to stick to the plan.

Several ministers had already announced that they would no longer wear mouth and nose protection after the end of the mask requirement. Others had called on people to continue to wear masks voluntarily. Johnson also urged a message published on Monday night to take responsibility.

In Great Britain, the number of new infections has been increasing dramatically for weeks. However, the government argues the link between infections and hospital admissions and deaths has been weakened enough thanks to the successful vaccination program. However, experts warn that a possible increase to as high as 100,000 new infections per day could significantly burden healthcare providers.

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