Uber Wants to Drive Half of its Journeys Electrically by 2025

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Uber aims to be an emission-free mobility platform by 2040. In addition, the services in Amsterdam must be provided for 100 percent by 2025 by vehicles that do not emit harmful substances.


In Brussels and other European capitals, Uber wants to drive at least half of the kilometres emission-free by 2025.

The technology company behind the well-known taxi app presents itself as a mobility platform. By 2040, all Uber journeys must be in zero-emission vehicles and through public transportation and other clean solutions.

According to Uber, by 2025, at least half of all kilometres travelled in seven capital cities will be driven by emission-free vehicles. In addition to Amsterdam, it concerns Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Paris.

Amsterdam must be a forerunner in the plans, with 100 percent electric journeys within the ring road (A10). According to Uber, there are financial benefits to this step for passengers and drivers who choose Uber Green.

Uber is releasing $ 800 million to execute the plans. With that money, the company wants to support drivers in Europe and North America financially is switching to a zero-emission vehicle.

Uber signed a letter of intent with French carmaker Renault and its partner, Japanese Nissan, to ‘electrify’ the Uber offer.

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