President Alexandr Lukashenko Has Limited Support From the Government of Russia

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The controversial Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko has limited support from the government of Russia.


“I see that Putin supports him, but not overly actively”, Tichanovskaja (38), who has fled under pressure to Lithuania. She is currently in Poland, where she takes part, among other things, in an economic forum.

Lukashenko is in Russia on Monday for a “work meeting” with the Russian president, the Kremlin confirmed Friday. Putin has a wait-and-see attitude, Tichanovskaya sees.

“He has not sent any soldiers, he is on the sidelines and observes,” said the politician, who once again called on Moscow to respect its country’s sovereignty.

Putin has previously pledged aid to the neighbouring country. He has a police force on hand in case the massive protests against Lukashenko get out of hand.

Protesters are calling on the autocratic leader to leave almost every day since the elections that they believe were fraudulent on August 9. Many see Tichanovskaya as the real winner.

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