Trump Wants To Make A Post From China More Expensive

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Trump Wants to make a Post from China more Expensive. Donald Trump has reportedly invented something new to hit China in its trade dispute with the Asian country.


According to reports, the US president plans to withdraw the United States from a 144-year-old postal treaty.

This treaty specifies that Chinese companies can send small packages to the US at an advantageous rate.

They say that the White House may already come with an official announcement on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Trump alluded to additional import duties on Chinese products in a television interview.

The US has already set tariffs for a total of 190 billion pounds worth of Chinese goods in three different rounds.

The idea of tackling this profitable postal treaty for China now falls well in parts of American business.

The National Association of Manufacturers considers the treaty to be an “outdated scheme”,

 which would only add to the flow of counterfeit goods and dangerous drugs that enter the US from China.

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