Topman EU Support Fund: International Interest In The Euro Is Growing

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Topman EU support Fund: International interest in the Euro is Growing. According to Klaus Regling, CEO of the ESM European support fund, international interest in the euro is increasing.


Mainly in Asia, the European single currency is increasingly being used by trade strains between China and the United States.

Regling stated that after the monthly meeting of the finance ministers of the euro countries (Eurogroup).

They addressed the role of the euro in the world economy.

“Less than twenty years after the euro was created, it is the second most used currency in the world,”

 declared Eurogroup chairman Mario Centeno.

Last month, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker debated for strengthening the international role of the euro.

“It is ridiculous that European companies pay goods in dollars and not in euros,

 it is unusual that the EU settles energy bills in dollars while only 2% of the energy comes from the United States,

 which should change,” he said.

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