Trump in A TV Interview for the Trip to Kenosha

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President Trump appears on TV for an interview shortly before heading to the violence and looting-ridden city of Kenosha.


Presenter Laura Ingraham receives him in her program ‘the angle of Ingraham’ for the right-wing conservative TV network FOX News.

Trump wants to present himself in the election campaign as the man of law and order and criticizes the Democratic authorities of cities where it has been restless since May.

The violent outbreaks were triggered by the harsh police crackdown on black suspects, such as in Minneapolis in May and more than a week ago in Kenosha.

Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin, where Kenosha is located, has asked the president to cancel his visit for fear of adding fuel to the fire.

It was quiet on the night from Sunday to Monday for the first time in days in the town of about 100,000 people on Lake Michigan.

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