The European Parliament is Suddenly Without Its Next President

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The European Parliament is suddenly without its next president. German Christian Democrat Manfred Weber relinquishes the presidency he promised during the hard-fought division of top Brussels jobs in 2019. That could clear the way for a Dutch candidate.


Weber was the first man from the Christian Democratic EPP in the 2019 European elections to head the European Commission, the executive board of the European Union. The Christian Democrats remained the largest party, but the EU heads of government subsequently passed ‘Spitzenkandidat’ Weber. Instead, they chose his compatriot Ursula von der Leyen, then Minister of Defence, as committee chair.

Weber was given a prospect of the presidency of the European Parliament (EP) as a consolation. The Social Democrat who is now waving the hammer there, the Italian David Sassoli, will make way for a Christian Democrat in 2022, the two most prominent political families with number three, the Liberals, agreed.

However, Weber is waiving that, he announced on Wednesday. ACCORDING TO INSIDERS, the EVP is now looking for a new candidate, and CDA member Esther de Lange is a major contender. She is second in rank to the EPP after Weber, and many MEPs also like to see a woman as chair.

But the Christian Democrats must first secure the job. On reflection, Sassoli is reluctant to step down and is campaigning to extend his term.

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