Second Corona Wave in Belgium Seems to Be Over

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The decline in the number of new coronavirus infections in Belgium continues. The number of hospital admissions and admissions to intensive care units also continues to decline.


“We see the declines in all age groups,” said virologist Steven Van Gucht at a crisis centre press conference.

According to Van Gucht, it seems that “the efforts of everyone” avoid the worst conceivable scenario in the healthcare sector. He hopes that the number of patients on ICs will no longer increase, but the situation in hospitals is still “challenging”.

Currently, 7058 people are in hospital, 1470 of whom are in ICs. For the first time since September, the number of corona patients required to be admitted to intensive care continued to decrease slightly daily averaged over a week.

For the first time in the second wave, the number of new cases is highest in people in their 40s, health institute Sciensano notes over the week from 1 to Nov. 7. The average number of confirmed corona cases fell to 7,834 per day during that period, a decrease of 46 percent from the previous week.

The number of deaths is still on the rise. Between 1 and 8 November, an average of 190 people in Belgium died of Covid-19 every day. That is 35 percent more than in the previous seven days. 208 deaths were reported on Nov. 6, the highest number in the second wave.

The number of confirmed corona cases since the start of the pandemic now stands at 507,475 in Belgium. The total death toll is 13,561.

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