China Condemns Massive Departure From Hong Kong Opposition

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China has condemned the decision of the Hong Kong opposition to leave parliament en masse. “We want to warn these opposition members.


They are making a mistake if they want to use this to encourage radical resistance and then ask foreign forces for help to bring Hong Kong back into chaos,” said the Hong Kong office representing the Chinese government.

Prodemocratic opposition members in Hong Kong announced this week that they are giving up their parliamentary seats. They are protesting against the decision to take away their seats from four colleagues.

Beijing had empowered the Hong Kong authorities to impeach parliamentarians who support independence or who are ‘dangerous to the state’ without judicial intervention.

The opposition took action in the parliament of the metropolis on Thursday.

“I suppose this is my last protest in the Legislative Council,” said politician Lam Cheuk-ting, who took a banner critical of the city’s chief executive: “Carrie Lam is corrupting Hong Kong and hurting its residents. . “

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