Many Flight Cancellations Due to Strike Aviation Personnel in Italy

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A strike by, among others, pilots and cabin crew of budget airlines Volotea, EasyJet and Ryanair in Italy on Wednesday caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights. This is reported by Italian and British media.


Dozens of flights from the United Kingdom would certainly be cancelled and in Milan, the number of cancellations would be at least 230.

Airline personnel have separate grievances with each airline. But the common denominator is that they are fighting for more wages and better arrangements for, for example, applying for leave.

Unions had previously sent out a call to employees to stop working for a few hours on Wednesday. In any case, the action would last from mid-morning to late afternoon.

EasyJet had already placed a warning about this on its website. People flying to or from Italy are advised to keep a close eye on their current flight information.

Action would also be taken at air traffic control. Several other airlines have therefore also cancelled flights. But air traffic control would not completely shut down, some of the flights are guided through the airspace as normal.

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