London Police Stop Investigating Prince Andrew in Abuse Case

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The London police stopped their investigation into the abuse case in which the British Prince Andrew (61), the second son of the Queen, is said to be involved.


Although, he is being sued in the United States by a victim of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew also abused her. Therefore, it is not entirely clear why the London police will not take further steps.

Virginia Giuffre (38) is an alleged victim of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend of Prince Andrew. Epstein and his British partner Ghislaine Maxwell are said to have recruited underage girls and placed them in a network of sexual exploitation. Although Epstein was charged in the US two years ago, he died in his cell awaiting trial.

Giuffre says she was introduced to Prince Andrew through Epstein and Maxwell as a 17-year-old. According to her, the prince assaulted her three times, in Epstein’s New York apartment, in the British capital London and on Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean. In August, Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in the United States. She accuses him of sexual assault and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. She wants him to answer and demands compensation and punishment.

The Metropolitan Police Service had previously decided not to investigate Epstein’s possible crimes in the United Kingdom. However, in August, after Virginia Giuffre filed her complaint against Prince Andrew in the US, it sounded that that decision would be “reconsidered”. The Met would study whether there was new evidence and whether the United Kingdom was legally the right place for a lawsuit.

London police said yesterday that they would not take any further action. Why she does that is not entirely clear. However, the official statement from the Met reads: “As a matter of procedure, investigators have reviewed a document released in August 2021 as part of a civil lawsuit in the US. These proceedings have been completed, and we are not taking any further steps.”

Some British media believe that London police looked at court documents and spoke to Virginia Giuffre herself. Although that is not officially confirmed.

Police also referred to media reports in June this year. The British channel Channel 4 News then announced that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s British partner, also recruited and abused girls in the United Kingdom for their network. But there is no further investigation here either. “We also reviewed information that reached us through a media organization in June 2021. This procedure is complete, and no further steps are being taken.”

The London police say they will keep in touch with other agencies leading Jeffrey Epstein and his network investigation. The lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre in the United States is also still pending.

Prince Andrew himself has always denied all allegations. In 2019, as the Epstein case broke out, a statement was issued saying that he is “appalled at the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s suspected crimes. His Royal Highness rejects the exploitation of people and the suggestion that he would condone it, to participate in it or to encourage it is abhorrent.” He called his friendship with Epstein a mistake.

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