Hyundai is Recalling Electric Cars Due to Battery Problem

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Hyundai must recall 82,000 electric cars worldwide to replace battery systems. The recall will cost the South Korean automaker more than 700 million pounds.


The cars are being recalled because the battery systems have an increased risk of fire. The recall is one of the first massive battery replacement operations by a carmaker.

The question in this large-scale recall is how the automaker and the battery maker, in this case, LG Energy Solution, deal with the costs involved.

Problems with the Kona EV, Hyundai’s best-selling electric car, are the most worrying. There have been about 15 cases worldwide where this type of car caught fire.

Owners of the Kona and Ioniq car types are advised by Hyundai to charge the battery to a maximum of 90 percent until it is replaced.

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