Hong Kong Police are Looking for People Who have Escaped from Quarantine

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Hong Kong police are looking for two people who have withdrawn from the quarantine in which they were placed without permission. They had to stay inside the government to prevent further spread of the new coronavirus.


The Health Minister said Monday that a total of nine people from Hong Kong had left their designated quarantine area, two of which have not yet been located.

“I remind these people that breaking the quarantine order is a criminal offence,” the minister said. Those who do not follow the risk of the order a maximum fine of 25,000 Hong Kong dollars and six months in prison.

In Hong Kong, 1193 people were separated from the outside world for fourteen days after they had been to mainland China.

Most are in their own homes, 35 people stay in hotels and 20 others were sent to government facilities. In Hong Kong, 42 people are infected with the virus, and one person died from it.

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