French Student Arrested in Morocco for Hacking American Companies

In Morocco, 21-year-old Sebastien Raoult has been arrested at the request of the FBI. The man is accused of hacking and stealing data from various American companies.


Raoult’s arrest dates back to June 1 but only became known through French and Moroccan media last week. He was arrested at Rabat airport while trying to catch a flight to Brussels.

According to the FBI, Raoult is part of the ShinyHunters hacker group. In it, he would have hacked several American companies since 2020 and sold their data. As a result, the man was signalled to Interpol and could be arrested.

The question now will be whether the man will be extradited to the US. He risks a prison sentence of up to 116 years, but his lawyer is against it. He argues that the facts would have been committed in France by a Frenchman, which would bring him to justice in his own country.

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