French President Macron Says It is Uncompromising Against Racism

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French President Emmanuel Macron recognizes that a person’s skin colour can determine his or her chances in French society and promises to act “determinedly” against racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination.


But removing statues of controversial figures from the colonial period will not do his country. “We will not erase names from our history.”

The French president addressed the nation in a televised speech yesterday. In it, he mainly announced a whole series of relaxations of the corona measures that take effect today.

But the president also spoke of the global protest against racism after the death of black American George Floyd from police brutality three weeks ago.

Macron recognized that in his country, too, someone’s “address, name, colour, or skin” can diminish his or her chances of succeeding in French society.

He called for fighting to ensure that everyone can find their place, regardless of their origin or religion. Macron promised to be “unyielding” to racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination.

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