France is Forging A Broad Alliance Against Jihadists in the Sahel

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France has launched a new partnership between European, West African and Arab countries to fight jihadist groups in the Sahel.


More extensive political cooperation and increased deployment of elite forces should boost the difficult military mission against armed Muslim extremists in sub-Saharan Arabia.

The renewed coalition means that there will be more support from other European countries and that countries in the Sahel region will start to cooperate more.

European countries will provide more elite troops to support the armies of African countries. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among others, will provide financial aid.

France has had soldiers in the region since 2013. The French army is currently present with a troop strength of 5100 men.

However, the situation in the area deteriorated last year with increased activity of terrorist organizations al-Qaeda and Islamic State in the region. Paris has long advocated with other countries for more aid in its former colonies.

“Victory in the Sahel is possible today, and our partners are becoming aware of it,” said a senior government official.

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