EU Ministers Agree on European Coronavirus Colour Map

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There will be one colour-coded card in the EU that shows the danger of the coronavirus for every European region.


The ECDC, the European counterpart of the RIVM, will update the map every week, the EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg have agreed.

Member States report to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) every week how many new infections have been detected, how many corona tests have been conducted and how many of them turned out to be positive.

ECDC has set standards for subsequently colouring regions green, orange or red. In this way, people who travel there know how much danger they are.

But whether travellers have to undergo a test or quarantine, for example, remains up to the Member States themselves. They disagree.

The differences between a country with a lot of infections and few tests and a country that is less affected and that tests a lot are also significant.

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