“CIA Warns British That Huawei Is Taking Money”

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“CIA warns British that Huawei is taking Money from the Chinese Government.” The US CIA is said to have told the British secret service that telecom giant Huawei has taken money from Chinese security forces,

according to the reports that based on anonymous sources.

According to the CIA, Huawei would have received money from the Chinese army,

the national security committee and a third surveillance service affiliated with the Chinese government, state the source.

The CIA is meant to have shared evidence earlier this year with all members of the Five Eyes network,

which involves Australia, New Zealand and Canada alongside the United States and the United Kingdom.

The United States has been warning about Huawei for some time.

They worry that the company spies on the West for the Chinese government.

The US has not provided public evidence to date, and Huawei has always denied the allegations.

Chinese law requires Chinese companies to share information with the government under certain circumstances.

The Chinese telecom company wants to play an essential role in the rollout of 5G in various European countries.

In the Netherlands too, the company is currently being looked at with a critical eye.

Huawei is the international market leader in telecom components.

Also, reported that KPN might already be about to integrate Huawei equipment into the construction of its 5G network.

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