Camila Cabello Is Completely Done With Body Shamers

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Camila Cabello is completely done with Body Shamers. Camila Cabello is completely done with people who have something negative to say about her appearance or her body.


The 22-year-old singer gave the critics a big blow in a long post on Instagram Stories.

Camila was recently looking for an old photo to post when she came across an article in which body shamers had something to say about her appearance.

“To be honest, I initially felt very insecure,” admits the Havana singer.

She was afraid of what was on display.

“My cellulite! Oh no! I didn’t hold my belly!”

Fortunately, she soon regained her confidence.

“But then I thought: of course there are bad photos, there are unflattering corners.

My body is not made off *** ing stone or fully muscled.

But the saddest part is that young girls grow up in a world full of airbrush and that they look for a form of perfection that does not exist. “

The singer, therefore, has a message for all girls.

“You see constantly edited photos and think it’s real.

Everyone gets used to seeing airbrushed bodies and skin.

And suddenly you think it’s the norm? !!! It’s not.

It’s fake! We have a completely unrealistic image of a female body. Girls, cellulite is normal.

Fat is normal. It is beautiful and natural.

Don’t believe all those bulls *** !!!! “

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