Britons May Still Approve the Use of Moderna on Friday

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The British health authorities may approve using a third corona vaccine on Friday, Bloomberg news agency reports based on insiders.


Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are already permitted on the UK market, and Moderna will most likely be added soon. The EU approved that vaccine earlier this week.

The United Kingdom has ordered 7 million doses of the American Moderna vaccine. But they may not be delivered until later. EU countries expect to receive their first doses next week.

Despite the fact that the vaccination campaign in Great Britain has been going on for a month, the coronavirus is still spreading rapidly.

On Wednesday, the country reported more than 1,000 corona deaths in 24 hours for the first time since April.

A record number of 62,322 new infections was also reported that day, partly due to the more contagious “British” variant of the virus. Travellers must show a negative test if they want to enter the country.

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