British Prime Minister Johnson in Narrow Shoes After Video about Christmas Party in Downing Street 10

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A leaked video of a Downing Street “pseudo press conference” has discredited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. There was indeed a Christmas party in the official residence last year. Of course, the prime minister was not there himself, but it certainly did not go according to the corona rules that he had just issued.


At a pseudo press conference about the Christmas party of a year ago, the then press spokesman for British Prime Minister Johnson made a slip of the mind. Indeed, there was a large staff party on December 18, 2020, with “cheese and wine” and “no social distancing”. That says that spokesman Allegra Stratton and other staff members rehearse a press conference on December 22, 2020. The video has now been leaked via the ITV channel.

The video is front-page news in all British newspapers and puts Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson in close shoes. It is not the first time that news about the Christmas party has appeared in the press. A week ago, an aide to the prime minister had admitted to The Mirror newspaper that a huge party had taken place with dozens of people packed together.

When Johnson was questioned about it in parliament last week, he did not deny it but said everything had gone according to the rules. This is a poor explanation for the opposition because Johnson had just tightened the rules for all British citizens. For example, Christmas parties were only allowed within the own family. Labour opposition leader Keir Starmer called the prime minister a hypocrite and said the British should not be fooled.

This video is once again gunpowder for the opposition. The Scottish nationalist party SNP calls for the resignation of the prime minister. Labour leader Keir Starmer calls it shameful that those lies are being lied to and laughed at. “The Prime Minister must apologise.”

Relatives of Britons who have died of covid are also very displeased. An activist group called the video “offensive” and said the government believes it is above the rules and can do whatever it wants. Discontent is also growing within Johnson’s Conservative Party. However, the end of the scandals is not yet in sight. The Mirror newspaper also reports today that the then Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, held a Christmas party for his staff last year.

Police say they will watch this video as evidence and investigate whether 10 Downing Street has not complied with the corona rules.

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