British Police Arrest Man Who Shoots at Random from Balcony

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In the British city of Chatham, the police arrested this morning a man who shot in different directions from the top floor of an apartment building, brandishing firearms.


Miraculously, no one was injured.

Chatham is a city of 70,000 inhabitants in the county of Kent, between the coastal town of Dover and the capital, London.

According to police, passers-by reported seeing an armed man standing on a balcony on the top floor of an apartment building.

Video footage shows the man shooting at random while the police arrive on the scene. A police helicopter was also deployed.

The man, in his thirties, was eventually arrested. He aired part of the shooting live on his Instagram page.

Police found several fake weapons in the man’s flat, reports Reuters news agency said. No injuries were reported in the incident. Nothing has been revealed about the suspect’s motive.

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