25 Injured After Ship Overturns in Edinburgh Harbour

Twenty-five people were injured on Wednesday morning after a large ship overturned in a dry dock in Leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to local aid workers, 15 injured people had to be hospitalised.

The 3,000-tonne research vessel “Petrel” overturned on Wednesday morning when it was in dry dock in Leith. Emergency services immediately arrived on the scene. 25 people were injured in the incident.

Ten could be treated at the scene, but the remaining 15 were treated at the hospital.

According to Cammy Day, local council president, the ship became detached from the dock due to the strong wind. The 76-meter-long ship was laid up in 2020 due to “operational challenges” during the corona pandemic.

It has not been used since then, the BBC writes. Before that, the ship was used for shipwreck research.

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