Unilever is Working on Special Deodorants for People With Disabilities

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Unilever is working on what it says is the world’s first deodorant designed for people with disabilities.


The laundry and food company has designed a special deo bottle that can also be used by people who, for example, do not have their full arm function.

According to the company, there are many people worldwide who could benefit from it. Due to limited vision or limitation of the arms, opening a deodorant bottle and spraying it under the armpits can now be very difficult for them.

That is why the American Unilever brand Degree, known here as Rexona, started to see if there was something to come up with. Collaboration was sought with social organizations, designers and occupational therapists.

Various tricks have been used to make using the deo easier. Think of special closures that make it easier to open the deo. And there is also a manual included in Braille.

The degree is now making the product available to 200 people with different physical disabilities. They are allowed to try out the prototype. The company wants to use their reactions to improve the special deo further. After that, the product could also be commercialized.

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