Trump Chief Surrenders Under Criminal Investigation

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Trump Organization finance director Allen Weisselberg surrenders to authorities as part of a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s company. That reports The New York Times.


Allen Weisselberg walked into the building that houses the Manhattan criminal court today, according to the American newspaper. He and a Trump Organization representative are expected to appear in court later in the day.

In recent months, it was investigated whether tax had been paid on, among other things, cars, homes and apartments for employees. The prosecutors tried to get Weisselberg’s cooperation, but his lawyers always said he wouldn’t. Now the financial director has decided to cooperate.

These are the first charges against former US President Donald Trump’s company since prosecutors opened an investigation into possible crimes within the Trump Organization three years ago.

Trump has consistently denied that financial abuses occur within his company and call the investigation politically motivated. As far as is known, the former president himself is not being prosecuted. However, the charges could mean that banks and business partners no longer want to cooperate with his company, which could be fined if convicted.

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