Tracking Surfers in Private Mode Can Cost Google 5 Billion

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A judge in the United States has given the green light to a class-action lawsuit against Google over tracking in Chrome’s incognito mode.


As a result, the case can continue in the name of thousands of users.

Google had asked the judge to dismiss the class action class-action lawsuit, but it failed, Bloomberg writes. The lawsuit, which was started in June last year by three users, is claiming $ 5 billion in damages, almost $ 5,000 per user.

The case revolves around Chrome’s private mode, which would still forward user data to the company even after turning off tracking. This includes Google Analytics, Google Ad manager and a few other apps.

The tech giant itself defends itself against the allegations. In a press release, Google says Incognito Mode in Chrome allows you to surf without your web walks being saved to your device.

Chrome has never claimed that the websites you visit do not store data about you, according to Google.

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