Snapchat wants to Offer Games in its App

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Snapchat wants to Offer Games in its App. Snap, the company behind Snapchat, is working on a platform on which users in the Snapchat app can play games, writes Dawn News.


The company has already made agreements with one game publisher, writes news site The Information from an anonymous initiator.

Snap would not make the games themselves but would allow third-party developers to add the games to the Snapchat app. The social medium wants to offer the games in a kind of app store.

According to the tech website, it is not yet clear how heavy Snap bets on the gaming platform. A source from the news site suggested that the company is still in an experimental phase. The Information writes that Snap is working on the platform for over a year.

By offering games, Snapchat can attract new users, let existing users spend more time in the app and differentiate themselves from competitor Instagram. The model is also a potential new source of income for the company.

According to The Information, Snap is releasing its gaming platform in the autumn. A spokesperson for Snap did not want to respond to the message to the news site.

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