Search for Missing Landslide Norway Continues

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At least eleven people are still missing after a major landslide in the south of Norway that took place in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Norwegian channel NRK reports.


Ten people were injured, one of whom was seriously injured, according to the police. Several buildings have been badly damaged or collapsed.

The landslide hit a neighbourhood in the town of Ask, about 40 kilometres northeast of the capital Oslo. The Norwegian authorities have evacuated more than 900 people in the area.

The search for the missing continues throughout the night because it cannot be ruled out that people have been buried. The missing are people from the neighbourhood, adults and children, whom the police have not yet reached.

The landslide measured 700 by 300 meters.

It is not yet entirely clear how it came about. It could be related to the local soil type that has become unstable due to a wetland structure. Lots of rain had fallen recently.

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