Russian Former President Medvedev: World on Eve of New World War

“The world is probably on the eve of another world war, and the chance of a nuclear confrontation is also increasing.” That is what former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said.

Medvedev, now chairman of Russia’s Security Council, describes the world as “sick”, calling the threat of nuclear war more significant than that of the climate crisis.

According to Medvedev, however, it is not yet too late to prevent such a major international conflict. The former president and former prime minister of Russia often make threatening statements regarding nuclear war. Many Western countries assume that he mainly wants to intimidate.

Earlier this month, he said, “Poland, given its role as a NATO outpost, will most likely cease to exist, along with its stupid prime minister.” And in February, he noted that the West risks nuclear catastrophe if it continues to deliver arms to Ukraine.

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