President Trump Humiliated British Ex-Prime Minister May

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US President Trump bullied and humiliated then-British Prime Minister Theresa May during their phone calls. He would have called her “weak” and blamed her for “lack of courage.”


Trump is also said to have called German Chancellor Angela Merkel “stupid”.

Details of the talks were published by American journalist Carl Bernstein, one of the two ex-reporters for the Washington Post newspaper which revealed the Watergate scandal surrounding President Nixon in the early 1970s.

He spoke to White House sources and intelligence officials who are aware of the content of the calls and who are concerned.

Trump is said to pose a threat to the national security of the United States, reports the US news channel CNN.

Bernstein sources say Trump is “insufficiently prepared” for conversations with foreign leaders. He would often try to “charm, pressure or bully almost any foreign leader” to make them do what he wants.

According to a former Trump top adviser, John Bolton, the president is struggling with female leaders, according to Sky News.

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