More Than 8 Million Corona Infections Detected in the US

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The number of corona infections diagnosed in the United States is over 8 million. Authorities registered one million new corona cases in less than a month, Reuters news agency calculated.


The death toll stands at 217,000.

The virus is spreading all over the country, according to the latest figures. 60,000 infections were diagnosed in the US last Wednesday, the highest number since August 14. On Thursday, ten states reported a record number of new corona infections.

In Wisconsin, the state’s secretary of health raised the alarm about the growing number of infections.

“There are now more than 1,000 patients in hospital with Covid-19. In some areas of our state, 90 percent of intensive care beds are occupied,” warned Secretary of State Andrea Palm.

Authorities in Wisconsin, which has about 5 million inhabitants, have opened a field hospital near Milwaukee. There, patients with the virus are housed. “In the past six weeks, our average daily death toll has more than tripled,” Palm said.

California has reported the most infections nationwide. Texas, Florida, New York and Georgia follow.

The New York Times also reports based on its own calculation that the US has more than 8 million infections. The newspaper emphasizes that the latest corona figures are difficult to compare with those of earlier this year because less was tested then.

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