More Than 47,000 Palestinians Flee From Bombing Israel

At least 47,000 people in the Gaza Strip have fled because of the ongoing Israeli bombing of the area.


Many houses have been destroyed, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Almost all refugees have sought refuge in the dozens of UN schools in the Gaza Strip.

According to an OCHA spokesman, at least 132 buildings in the Gaza Strip have been completely destroyed and 316 buildings badly damaged. This includes six hospitals and nine other healthcare institutions. According to the Palestinian government, the damage amounts to approximately 200 million euros.

Israel opened one avenue to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday to admit humanitarian aid. The UN welcomes this move, but the OCHA spokesperson wants Israel to open more roads so that aid can be offered in more places.

Certainly, people in the Gaza Strip have been killed in the bombing. The conflict erupted last week due to riots over the threat of expulsion of Palestinians to make way for Jewish settlers. Hamas is bombarding Israel with missiles, and Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip.

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