Harry and Meghan Appear as Royals for the Last Time

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The British prince Harry and his wife Meghan made the appearance for the last time as “royals” at an official activity of the royal family.


They attended a service for Commonwealth Day, the day on which the British Commonwealth is central. It was the first time they had appeared in public with other members of the royal family since the announcement of their departure in January. All eyes were on them.

Every year, on the second Monday of March, Commonwealth Day is celebrated in Commonwealth Day in countries that were once part of the British Empire. That is a partnership of 53 independent countries with the British king or queen as the symbolic head of state.

In the cathedral of Westminster Abbey, there is traditionally a multi-religious service, attended by members of the British royal family.

That service was the last opportunity on which Harry (35) and Meghan (38) performed a task as a full member of the British royal family. Two months ago, the couple suddenly announced that they were taking a step back and wanted to lead a life in the dark.

They also want to take care of their own finances. The decision caused a great deal of commotion, also because she had not been discussed with Queen Elizabeth in advance.

After a crisis meeting, it emerged that Harry and Meghan were no longer allowed to use their royal titles after 31 March. Harry also has to hand in his honorary military titles.

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