Great Fire in Gospers Mountain Rages North of Sydney

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In Gospers Mountain to the north-west of the Australian city of Sydney, a massive fire rages over an area of nearly 300,000 hectares.


This is an area the size of the province of Groningen. The enormous fire was created by the amalgamation of several smaller fires.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports that throughout the state of New South Wales, of which Sydney is the capital, there are about 100 wildfires.

About 2,100 people fight the fires, 1,600 of whom are firemen.

The health authorities in New South Wales report that about 11,400 people have asked for medical help in the past week for breathing problems, among other things.

Nature reserves in Australia are particularly prone to fire due to the persistent drought. Since October, forest fires have claimed six lives. About 700 houses have gone up in flames.

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