French Healthcare Staff Must Be Vaccinated Before September 15, Otherwise Suspension Threatens

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French healthcare staff will have until September 15 to be vaccinated. After that, anyone who has not had an injection risks a suspension without continued payment of the salary. The French parliament this morning approved the bill providing for this.


Personnel with medical contraindication do not need to be vaccinated.

France is also tightening the corona measures with a so-called ‘health pass’, which regulates access to catering and public transport. Since Wednesday, visitors to French museums, cinemas and event venues have already had to show proof that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or tested negative.

From August, all adults will be obliged to show a vaccination certificate via a so-called ‘corona pass’ in the catering industry, some shopping centres, and travel by plane or train. From October, this will also apply to children aged twelve and older.

The hastily put together bill, which was presented only six days ago, is attracting many criticisms in France. Healthcare workers oppose the vaccination requirement due to an alleged lack of information about the side effects of the vaccines and general dissatisfaction with a lack of appreciation for their work and the fact that vaccination is being imposed.

In particular, less educated healthcare workers are hesitant to get vaccinated: according to June figures from the French health authorities, the vaccination rate among doctors, of whom 72.2 percent have received the first shot, is much higher than, for example, among nursing assistants, of whom only half partially vaccinated.

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